Friday, January 30, 2009

Ichiro Sod™ - A History

During the 2008 Seattle Mariner season I was sitting in that corner seat in the front row of section 112 in right field at Safeco Field (where the stands meet the foul line). Ichiro made a sliding catch on a line drive right in front of us and popped up to throw out the runner trying to return to first. A double play. When he made the sliding catch he displaced a tiny bit of dirt (about the size of two sugar cubes) with grass attached that ended up on the warning track in foul territory just a few feet from our seats. I asked the security guy to retrieve it for me between innings and took it home.

It’s been growing in a pot in my backyard ever since and is doing fine. I took a first set of cuttings for friends who keep blades of it as good luck charms…

Once it starts filling out I hope to sell portions of “Ichiro Sod™” to fans of the great outfielder.

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